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Published date: April 12, 2013
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Bought my boat last November, it needed a lot of work. The factory drum brakes were junk. Good brakes being very important to me, I went all out for Kodiac's all stainless disc brake conversion, with floating rotors and new hubs with bearings and bearing buddies. I modified the master cylinder to work with the disc setup, after rebuilding it. This only required removing a valve inside. Also added a reverse lock-out solenoid, which I stepped on and broke my first time out. I'm now using a bolt thru the sliding tongue, to prevent master cylinder action, when I need to back-up. It works great! Even towing down hill. I can't feel the load behind me.

Published by: Capt Smitty

Model Year: 2002
Photo Caption: Kodiac, all SS, vented rotors

On left end of spring is rubber valve I removed


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