Rollover Proof Battery / Cabinet Mod Pt. 1

Published date: June 6, 2013
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

(Pt.1 This section gives the basic measurements, and asks you to build a test template)

There are 6 parts to this mod, just look under galley or electrical in the MODS section for parts 2,3,4,5,6

This project describes how I went about securing a type 31 battery in place and ended up building a cabinet floor in the process. It should be noted this MOD is easily removable and did not require glue-resin-epoxy as it's bolt together.

I was able to use factory attachment points to secure the whole system, so no holes were drilled.

Looking at the first photo you can see the new floor, battery holder and new wall in the back to mount fuses on etc...

Much like a puzzle things in this design interlock and help support each other, an example is the new board in the back is held in place by the old factory battery mounting bolts.

While in turn the board holds down the new floor and in turn the heavy battery should the boat ever roll.

I started this project because the area under the 26s sink is not really suited for any job because of two factors.

First the the floor inside of the cabinet is also the ballast tank, so you can't screw anything down.

Second the floor inside the cabinet is also the bilge so things get wet if stored inside.

So I decided to build a platform inside my cabinet and anchor it from the top-down.
One of the advantages is it prevents everything from flying UP in a capsizing.

The battery was moved from the back wall, to over the keel and secured using stainless hold down brackets, I used stainless locknuts with oversized washers to make sure the brackets couldn't rip through the new floor.

The simplest way to describe this build is a three legged table turned upside down and the legs bolted to the cabinet walls, the tricky part is building the table inside the cabinet.

Total cost of this project was $75

Though in truth it could have been a third of that had I skipped the 8 foot by 6 inch wide PVC board and all stainless hardware.

The hardest thing to do in this project was linking the bottom two pieces of the cabinet floor as you have to crawl into the cabinet a little to reach everything.

Hope this helps someone
Martin Randolph

Ps. Really do make a cardboard template, as there are a lot of small changes between each boat.

Link to Part 2

Published by: martyr

Model Year: 1994
Photo Caption: Finished



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