Rudder Re-Do

Published date: January 15, 2014
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I recently purchased an older model Mac22 from someone who liked to be creative and make his own fixes. One item he "fixed" was the rudder. He fiberglassed the two parts with numerous layers,making each piece a good 20+ lbs each. Then he added 2 zinc plates, each weighing another 20 lbs, at the pivoting point. I simply cannot handle the rudder, when necessary, because of the excessive weight. I somewhat understand the idea of the sacrificial metal and would like to know if I could replace the zinc plates with something else, like stainless, to reduce the weight and still have a functional, corrosion-resistant rudder. If that won't work, where can I purchase an inexpensive replacement rudder?

Published by: mac22+

Model Year: 1978


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