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Published date: February 12, 2014
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I had some stressfull experiences with my 2 cycle 10 hp evinrude engine since it didnt had the adequate propeller (i guess) it hardly reached 6.2 knt at full trhottle and althogh it was long shaft it got out off the water in seas with 7 ft waves, i had searched for
a 4 cycle engine and i found this 20 hp at the same Price as a 9.9, and since i was in a hurry i thoght the extra hp could be of use some time, when i finally tested the outboard it pushed silently the boat at 7 knts at half trottle but when i whent to WOT it hardly reached 8 and was very hard to control, i later learned that the proper pitch propeler may move the boat with the 10hp at lower revs.

If anyone is tempted to install a 20 it does fit in the well with minor modifiations to properly turn and be lifted out of the water, and the extra weight seems to help a Little with big waves.

A nice feature is thet it has a standard 6 amp electric generator that charges my battery, wich i moved under the "V" berth to compensate the extra weight of the engine.

Published by: Kokani

Model Year: 1989


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