Speed up your enclosure assembly

Published date: February 8, 2015
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

If you have a full canvas enclosure, like me, you might struggle with deploying it, trying to figure out which panel goes where, and how to orient them.
I bought two rolls of coloured electrical tape and attached swatches to each corner of each panel.

- RED TRIANGLE: This corner of this panel goes on PORT side toward POINTY end of boat.
- RED SQUARE: This corner of this panel goes on PORT side toward BLUNT end of boat.
- GREEN TRIANGLE: This corner of this panel goes on STARBOARD side POINTY pointy end of boat.
- GREEN SQUARE: This corner of this panel goes on STARBOARD side toward BLUNT end of boat.

Though this doesn't tell you which piece you are holding, it allows you to instantly orient the panel correctly as you pull it out of storage and unfold it, and figuring out which one it is follows very easily.

Published by: DaveC426913

Model Year: 2000


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