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Published date: May 10, 2015
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Following the lead of numerous other MacGregor owners I opted to install the Raymarine EV-1 Autopilot. I went with the tiller-pilot version so I could mount the actuator below decks and not have to listen to it while sailing. I got it out for the first time today and it was perfect. I chose to mount the ACU-100 control and the EV-1 sensor in the Port Aft storage area under the galley when it is fully aft. With the NMEA cabling provided in the kit, I found this was the best place for me to install it unless I wanted to buy more cabling. I'm still a bit uncertain about the mount for the actuator. I epoxied a 2x4" piece of treated lumber to the hull on the starboard side to mount the actuator to. I'm not certain there is enough surface area for a 2x4 bonded end-on. Others have used a 4x4" and have twice the surface area. So far, no issues but I will be keeping an eye on it

Published by: jstyers

Model Year: 2005
Photo Caption: Managing 5+ knots boatspeed on a nice reach

ACU-100 Installed in storage area under most aft galley position

EV-1 sensor mounted in storage area under most aft galley position


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