Dutchman mainsail flaking system

Published date: August 25, 2016
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Been trying to get my boat up to scratch to sail solo and dread going forward to drop the mainsail (or indeed raising it in the first place). Looked at the comments about lazy jacks (and started putting some together) when I came across the Dutchman sail flaking system. Had to get it from the States and of course bolts at imperial rather than metric) but finally had a sailmaker fit it for me. Supposed advantages over lazy jacks is that the lines do not foul with battens when raising or dropping sails, no need to adjust topping lift once set up, no extra lines for the jacks themselves. According to the directions, the sail needs to be "trained" to flake correctly into loose folds but my first couple of raisings and lowerings worked pretty well from the start. At this stage, I have only operated it in the driveway but come the nicer weather I am looking forward to testing it out on the water. Update: Well, I had it out on the water a couple of weeks ago and the system worked as advertised. Turned into the wind and dropped the main without major issues although at times I felt I need a downhaul just to help it along.

Published by: Sea Shadow

Model Year: 2011
Photo Caption: Dutchman system ready to raise mainsail.

Sail flaked as it dropped (minor assistance from cockpit)

Mainsail up from the cockpit.


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