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Published date: March 26, 2017
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The first year we had DoWe:797.124. Replaced the stock vinyl head curtain with a fabric one made from Covington McGregor Mariner (, though I found my at

The reason is that the vinyl curtain was too stiff, wouldn't fold well when secured in the open position and blocked too much light.

It used curtain weights in the hem to keep it straight and a pocket hem at the top to utilize the stock curtain rod.

It worked fine for the first season, but if you try to stand and maneuver with the curtain closed, your head pushed the curtain into the companionway exposing half your body. We tie up with our bow facing the pedestrian walkway of our dock at our marina and if the front hatch is open you can chat with anyone walking by from that position.

For year two I installed two of Sailrite's Curtain Track Horizontal Mount Vinyl 48" ( across the top of the ceiling to either side of the skylights and in line with the head walls. I repositioned the first McGregor curtain on the track and sewed a new curtain, notched to accommodate the port settee, on the forward track.

This way you can pull both curtains across, starboard to port and expand the head space fully across the port side. This is really convenient when changing clothes either at the dock or with passengers on board.

Published by: Tattoo new

Model Year: 2015
Photo Caption: Track screwed in the ceiling

Aft curtain, stowed

forward curtain across vberth


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