Lights in 26X Aft Storage Area

Published date: May 8, 2017
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Always needing a headlight when crawling into the aft storage area to find something in a box was a pain so we came up with this idea. We bought a bag of these 4 Led strip lights that are 12 volt and 11 inches long. They have a 3M peel and stick back on them. They have a pigtail that is about 3 feet long. These lights do have to be hooked up the correct way. There is no + or - signs on the wires. Just test them with a live positive and negative. If they do not light up just switch the pos and neg wires. They can also be cut if the 11 inches is too bright just cut on the indicated lines. We had extra room in our panel so it was easy just to run 2 more wires back to where we wanted the lights.

Published by: ris

Model Year: 2003


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