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Published date: July 9, 2017
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The previous owner of my 26D mounted the outboard to a retractable mount on the transom because he was a racer and wanted to make sure that the motor was completely out of the water. Unfortunately, wince I'm only 5'7", that put the outboard completely out of my reach when in the down and back position! I needed to mount the outboard in the original outboard well so that I could use it.
When I removed the retractable mount, I discovered that he had not bedded the bolts through the transom. The plywood insert glassed into the transom was rotted around them. Also, Roger M had not done anyone any favors when he "sealed" the inner liner to the transom by gluing on a bit of weatherstripping like material and riveting it in place-I had a rear Lazarette full of water every time it rained.
I started by clearing out the rotted plywood around the mount holes with a 1" Forstner bit, down to the inner fiberglass. I then covered the holes inside the lazarette with glass and resin and filled the outer holes with epoxy.
I removed the cracked and broken fiberglass weatherstrip stuff and cleared out the remains of the plywood spacer between the inner liner and the transom (this was only held in by wood screws from inside the outboard motor well). I cut and shaped a new spacer from exterior plywood, wrapped it in fiberglass and glassed it in place from inside the lazerette. Also from inside the lazerette, I sealed up the space between the liner and the transom with glass and resin. This left a space around the motor well that I filled from outside with chopped glass and epoxy until it was high enough that I could shape it to the original contour. Finally I added 2 more layers of glass and resin to the outside.
Since I hate painting and filling (and am no good at it!) I formed 2 pieces of .032" stainless steel to cover all of the holes and repairs on both the inside of the motor well and the transom. It needed to be 2 pieces, overlapping at the lip of the motor well, because the lip edges are not parallel, and I could not bend a compound angle. The Stainless and the attaching screws are completely bedded with 3M 5200.
Finally, I cut Rogers weatherstripping to cover the repairs I had made, painted it and installed it with epoxy adhesive.
No more leaks, the transom is as strong as new, and I can use the outboard!

Published by: Maraquita

Model Year: 1989
Photo Caption: Starting the project

Stainless Installed

Final Product


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