Low cost option to repair Nicro Marine Solar Vents Nicro Solar Vent

Published date: July 20, 2020
  • Boat Type: Overhaul, Repair, Nicro Solar Vent, MacGregor 26X, Boat Type

Like many people, I have Nicro Solar vents on my boat and after 4-5 yrs they fail. As they run basically 24x7, that's not unexpected. Nicro used to sell an overhaul kit with new batter/motor but no longer offer that and suggest that you just buy a new one. Two Problems with this; size has changed slightly and I don’t want to have to cut more holes in my boat and more importantly a new vent is $200+.

After much searching, I was able to find a replacement motor for ~$15 usd(drop in).
Conrad Components 198080 Solar motor
But ran into a problem where they do not ship to the USA, but found it on ebay for ~$20
A was able to get a new battery from my local Batteries -r-us for ~$5, so for less than $30 I have a basically a new fan. Do not buy the official Nicro replacement batteries off amazon as they are old stock/dead and cost 3x.

Hope this helps


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