Bow Plank

Published date: January 3, 2004
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Several months ago when sailing the Texas ICW I had to anchored many times..I found that under certain windy conditions the anchor rode would shift from side to side (port to starboard) and would catch on my running light and snap it off..I made a simple wooden bow plank and attached it to the bow of the boat and took the excisting running light and placed it on the bottom..of course the red/green lenses we're on the wrong side but they we're easily reversed and reattached with super glue. So now the light is on the bottom of the bow plank and out of the way from being damaged from ALL activity..I realize that the running light has been relocated on the rail of newer models of the 26X, but it appears to be still in the way!!!..However, in addition to saving my running light, the bow plank adds about two feet to the boat and it provides me with some standing room when forward. In the future I will add a roller for the anchor and experiment with a second headstay.

Published by: L Scott

Model Year: 2004


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