Published date: September 19, 2022
Modified date: September 19, 2022
  • Boat Type: MacGregor 26X, Boat Type

WE FINALLY installed our new 6” thick conformal foam pads!
We decided to leave the dinette table down to make things more comfortable while staying aboard and over nightingale in Over Easy.
We made a new simple bow berth extension to lengthen that berth as well. The prior one worked but wasn’t as sturdy as we’d like.
Three foam sections make up the dinette berth and two make up the bow berth.
We wrapped the individual foam sections and quilting inside plastic to keep any potential moisture from ever saturating the foam.
For our cover fabric we chose to use an alternative to Sunbrella called SOLARIUM ( available from JoAnn Fabrics) in a tropical themed pattern we find refreshing and contemporary (compared to the bland vintage original RV themed covers that were provided by the factory).
It works for us! 8) 8)
We chose to utilize a safety pinned “no-sew” approach for our covers and top quilting padding over the foam.
Under the new cushions we placed matching sections of Tochta 1/2” thick Air Gap Moisture Pads to ensure that they stay dry from any condensation that may accumulate. We will be adding hull side sections once additional material arrives (shortly ????).
We have nice adjustable cockpit seat cushions that double as back rested seats when inside the cabin.
They also allow us to have an adjustable recliner (after a fashion) that I find fairly comfortable❣️
We think this has worked out VERY NICELY ????❣️❣️❣️????


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