Guide Post Addition

Published date: April 13, 2023
Modified date: April 28, 2023
  • Boat Type: MacGregor 26X, Boat Type

Several years ago……We found that attempting to land our Mac26X on the trailer in windy and cross current conditions has been challenging :@ :#(and seriously humorous to the boat ramp crowd :p).

We started with two post just rear of the aft axle. … still a problem as it would now straddle the trailer sideways! We tried a good suggestion to add a line from one guide post to the winch post and back to the other guide post. That helped but one had to remember to put it up prior to backing down the boat ramp when retrieving…;);)…

So we added another two guide posts forward of the front axle. (Total of four guide posts.) This has been a substantial improvement!!!!!:):)

In extreme conditions we have still added the additional guide line from the front guide posts to the winch post as a “belt and suspenders” precaution.

Additionally we also now added a Heavy Duty Bungee Cord across from the bottom tails of the forward guide posts to prevent the swing keel from accidentally dropping to the pavement of jamming against the trailer axles should the keel lift line come loose or break in transit. Cheap insurance vs. grinding the keel to a nub when traveling cross country on the highways and byways.

It’s been a nice improvement for us!
:-) :-)

Post Script:
Upon using our original setup with the taper out rear posts we found that it was allowing more lateral movement than desired when loadin and didn’t help with centering the boat onto the trailer as much as we had anticipated.

We have since reconfigured and gone with straight vertical rear guide poles which seem to do a better job for us.

We took the old tapered guide poles and have now mounted them to Scrambled’s (our 15 ft runabout) trailer. Waste not/ Want not ;-)


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