New Mid Cleats

Published date: June 12, 2023
  • Boat Type: MacGregor 26X, Boat Type

Hi All

Our 2001 Mac26X came with the standard bow and stern cleats which have in general been relatively functional for tying up at the dock, slip and pier but there have been several times when having a set of mid cleats would have been advantageous. Particularly when contending with adverse weather conditions where it would have been beneficial to ad fore/aft spring lines.

To that end we were able to find new cleats that match our existing cleats along with 1/4-20 SST hardware. We mounted them 30 inches forward of the cabin entrance bulkhead. This location was to ensure that the Admiral could easily reach them from the cockpit.

We spent a leisurely couple of hours drilling, sealing with 5200 and bolting up. We used fender washers where possible and regular washers where there were structure limitations. We used self locking nuts as that will ensure things stay put for the long haul. We also made larger hole in the cabin ceiling and install cover plugs to dress things up.

Glad we finally got this accomplished!

Best Regards
Over Easy :-) :-)


Useful information

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  • Happy sailing

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