Easy Fwd Fender Retrieval

Published date: September 1, 2023
Modified date: September 13, 2023
  • Boat Type: MacGregor 26X, Boat Type

Hi All!
We have our fenders rigged to the cabin top lifeline stantion posts as well as the stern rails. This spaces them out reasonably well.

We found that getting the forward fenders up and down was a bit of a hassle. Climbing up on the cabin deck was awkward…Using the boat hook was better but generally took a try or two especially when there were wind and waves… What to do….hmmm

Voila! Eureka! Tie a line (paracord) to the bottom eyelet of the fender and make a loop to hang over the winches! That way one only has to pull on the line to bring up the fender while never leaving the cockpit or use a tool!

Added a long loop bungee that secures the fender up on the cabin deck while underway too! It works great for us. Fenders up, Fenders down. No more hassle! :-) :-)

Not only are they now easier to deploy and retrieve but they now stow on the top deck easily AND securely in even the occasional 3-4 ft waves we get around here in the various sounds.

We also used paracord with reflectorised threading to make it easier to see in low light or nighttime operations.

Just something that might be useful for ya’ll

Best Regards
Over Easy :-) :-)


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