Added Bow Support Bracket to trailer

Published date: September 23, 2023
Modified date: October 13, 2023
  • Boat Type: MacGregor 26X, Boat Type

One last project we finished today before launching was to finalize our bow support on our trailer.

We actually got this from the replacement trailer we got and refurbished/adjusted for our runabout Scrambled.
The replacement trailer was a Shore-Land’r that was originally set up for a much larger Grady White.
The Shore-Land’r trailer has a sleeved tongue so we telescoped it all the way in.
We repositioned the axle so we would have 150-to-200 lbs of tongue weight.
We replaced the old worn out winch.
The post took a hit sometime in its past so we adjusted it as best as we could and replaced the front block Vee.
But that was another project story from earlier in the year….

On that trailer though was a bow support bracket that Scrambled didn’t need… too big really.
So we transferred it to Over Easy’s Sea Lion trailer to help with loading and over road transportation North & South between NH and SC (other destinations :-) :-)).

The bow of Over Easy rests on a bottom roller primarily.
The ‘new’ bow support bracket helps take some downward loading and helps absorb any forward loading that might occur when loading and transporting.

We fabricated / added the two aft tension straps.
It was noticed that the Vee block had a large tilting travel range. To preclude it going too far over we added a stop bolt so it will always be in a proper position for accepting Over Easy but still be able to pivot to fit snuggly.

Best Regards
Over Easy :-) :-)


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