Mac26X Mod for Single Handed Swing Keel Removal & Install

Published date: April 13, 2024
Modified date: April 13, 2024
  • Boat Type: MacGregor 26X, Boat Type

Modification of the swing keel pivot bracket.
Start with removal of ~23 year old corroding bracket

Then take the replacement bracket from Blue Water Yatchs and replace the existing 3/8” dia x 3 inch lift screw with a 1/2” dia x 6 inch SST carriage bolt that is locked in place with an interference fit of the square section under the cap head to the bracket’s slightly enlarged hole and held with a SST Lock washer & nut.

This new longer lift screw lets one self install the swing keel by allowing one to install the bracket by oneself,
go inside and place a washer and nut on the interior exposed threads,
then go back under the boat with the pivot pin holes now fully exposed,
wrangle the swing keel into position by itself,
align and insert new pin with alternating SST & the sacrificial anode Aluminum washers on each side of the keel caputured by the bracket,
insert the new prepared Dynema lift line,
pull line up though to top deck,
then go inside and tighten nut of lift bolt to raise the keel up into place.

(NOTE: Nickel Ease thread lube was throughly applied to the lift screw threads to preclude possible galling).

Well worth the effort to go this route rather than attempting to fit up the keel to the factory bracket and in the blind attempting to thread the unseen short lift screw into the top trunk hole while someone else inside the boat contorts and attempts to put on a washer, lock washer and nut on the end of the lift screw ( while the guy outside struggles with holding the heavy assembly steady and in place.

Best Regards,
Over Easy :-) :-)


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