Anchor Mounts, Rollers, and Locker

Published date: August 22, 2002
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We spend a lot of time on the hook so having a variety of anchor choices is important as Puget Sound has a variety of bottoms

We use a 7lb Guardian G-16 (aluminum danforth style) for mud and sand. It is mounted in a rail bracket on the bow pulpit.

For gravel, rocks, and weeds we use a 16.5lb Horizon Claw (bruce style) mounted on a bow roller just to the starboard side of the headstay tang. You may wonder where the bow light went. I wanted to get it as far away as possible from the heavy metal on the bow so I put separate vertical bow lights on each side of the forward cabin trunk. I'll submit a separate mod for that change.

This free's up the anchor locker for storage of 2 - 150'x3/8 rodes each with 16' of chain. I built a simple plywood divider to keep the rodes organized. It consists of a triangle piece of thin plywood that sits on the bottom of the locker with a 4" strip of thick plywood screwed to the base standing verticaly. The weight of the rodes holds it in place. I cut out a notch at the front of the locker door to allow the rodes to pass out with the locker closed. Be sure to seal the wood core with resin where the cut is made.

This system lets me have both anchors ready to launch at a moments notice. That's second mate Nick on the bow.

Published by: Duane Dunn, Allegro

Model Year: 2002


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