Fire Extinguishers

Published date: December 1, 2019
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I mounted three fire extinguishers in our Mac 26X. I mounted a smaller model just behind the fore dining table seat against the starboard cabin wall in the v-berth area (see upper left part of graphic). I wanted one near the front hatch entrance/exit so it was accessible from that area. I mounted a second larger model to the starboard side of the aft berth entrance with thru bolts into the head (see upper right portion of the graphic). This is readily accessible for galley fires or exit/entry thru the companion way hatch. Finally I mounted a small (PWC type) extinguisher under the helmsman seat. I wanted one in the cockpit so that if the fire started in the cabin when we were in the cockpit I could enter the cabin with extinguisher in hand. You can see this in the right portion of the lower picture where the helmsman seat is in the up position. (Not the best picture, but one I had.)

Published by: MS Classifieds

Model Year: 1999


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