Published date: December 1, 2019
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Greetings from Melbourne, Australia!
I wanted to add music (radio/cassette/CD stacker) to 'Macanudo', my '97 26X.
A 27Mhz radio was already installed hanging from a bracket just inside the companionway (hence there was power). It seemed a practical spot as it was out of the way, yet easily reached from the cockpit and below. My boat has a bimini which protects this area really well when needed.
I first made up a cardboard model for the proposed bulkhead to be used as a template for the acrylic fabricator. That was fiddly as there was not a straight line to be had. I allowed plenty of room at the back of the module for installation/repair access.
The white acrylic module was then fixed using small white plastic 'L' brackets attached with stainless steel screws/bolts. Two of those were through the superstructure - the back of the port-side seat.
One was from the deck, between two cleats and a couple in the front of the module, into a channel.
I left the radio in the existing bracket and the other pieces were fixed to shelves that were fabricated into the module.
After some deliberation choosing speaker location I decided I would not fix the cockpit speakers. Instead I drilled a small hole high and to the rear of each of the fuel lockers and installed a female RCA plug (gold-plated to avoid corrosion) and siliconed to seal against water entering down below. I had some existing small outdoor speakers that I added a length of cable (about 2m or 6 feet) with a male RCA plug on the end and just plugged them in. The speakers and excess cable reside in the fuel locker, snugly against each fuel tank, but easily removed for placement elsewhere. The cables I ran under the deck, between the deck and inner shell. The styrene foam needed to be removed and and made a huge mess - it of course was replaced when cabling was complete.
The front speakers I installed in the front bulkhead, with the cables run down (with difficulty) the port side, between the outer and inner shells.
The sound is really good. The Pioneer system was pulled out of a car. Using the fader you can balance the volume between below and the cockpit.
The cable/plug you see on the left side of the unit leads to a solar charger. It also acts as a spare 12V power outlet.

Published by: MS Classifieds

Model Year: 1997


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