Published date: December 1, 2019
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I found after having my 26x anchored in Monroe Harbor in Chicago for two seasons that mildew buildup was a problem, as was a musty smell. I have now installed four vents. The first is in the forward hatch, and it is a common plastic vent from West Marine (about $25.00) which allows some light and has a 3" vent hole & screen. The second two are in the entrance door (doors) - That is the subject of another modification. For these vents, I used 4x8" stainless steel "locker" type vents with screen behind them to keep the bugs out. These are also available from West Marine, and because these are protected from most weather by being in the cockpit on the doors/hatch, we don't get water in through them. The last vent is a 2x14" vent at just below knee height in the head door to allow fragrent fumes to be vented out. We found that even with head chemicals, the head would get really smelly, and so we want to vent, rather than contain those fumes. All these vents were quite inexpensive, and we have already found the boat smelling much cleaner and not developing the mold & mildew problems, though we just completed these modifications at the end of the '99 season.

I'll try to get pictures in here soon!

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Model Year: 1997


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