Self-Closing Head Door

Published date: December 1, 2019
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Want to solve a real irritating situation, especially for those of the female persuasion?

The head door flops around as it is, and trying to lock it from the inside when the boat is under sail or power can be a real pain.

We put the self-closing hinges on the door to replace the originals (which are pretty cheap if you ask me). They are available at West Marine. We also went ahead and put on a third hinge, finding that after time, the original hinges bent a little, making it difficult to lock the door. In addition, I wanted the added closing strength of the third self-closing hinge.

You will still want to latch it from the inside, but at least you won't have to fight with it so much!

Published by: MS Classifieds

Model Year: 1997


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