Hatch Lift

Published date: December 1, 2019
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

We installed a gas lift (the same type as used in hatchback cars) to keep the hatch partially open. The lift was available at West Marine, as were the brackets. I would recommend the 40# lift, as anything less seemed to hold the hatch open, but just barely. The lift can be removed easily from the bracket to allow the hatch to be opened all the way, and by using the lift, we just release the catch and the hatch opens itself. This way, any wind gets caught by the hatch and provides extra ventilation. Also note the stick-on velcro for attaching a screen to keep the mosquitos out (also available at West Marine). Overall, this entire modification including the screen cost about $70. Note vent (also with screen) in center/forward of hatch

Published by: MS Classifieds

Model Year: 1997


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