Bulwagga on Bruce Roller

Published date: June 25, 2003
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I added Windline's BRM-3 (as I recall) to the bow to carry a 16# Claw anchor. However, Practical Sailor's test report on anchoring indicated that the Bulwagga 17# anchor was awesome. Further, Jeff Stagg's borrowed my Claw to run actual tests of his own at Folsom lake, with dismal results for my Claw.

I bought the Bull-17 (@ $250) without knowing how it would rest on the bow, but stowage is just as good as Jeff's anchoring report. My anchor is suspended from the pulpit with a bungee to the upright blade. I also wrapped a bungee around the anchor shaft and the roller. Finally, I hook one link of the chain over the horn of either bow cleat. I've had anchoring experiences just like Jeff in my first three drops of the Bull. It holds like a rock - I'm very pleased.

Before heading out one day on SF Bay, I had removed the bungees so the anchor would be ready to deploy ... WHICH IS NOT A GOOD IDEA~!! During a sailing session in strong winds and very heavy chop, the single chain loop jumped free of the bow cleat, allowing the anchor to free-fall under sail, pulling about 15 feet of chain/rode from the locker. The anchor proceeded to repeatedly "swing-hammer" the hull, as the boat surged through the chop. This resulted in numerous chips in the hull's exterior gelcoat ... a mess that I have yet to deal with!

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Model Year: 2000


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