Gas Tanks - Installation & Draining

Published date: December 1, 2019
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Note gas tanks on either side - these were there when I bought the boat. I believe they are 9 gallon tanks. The past owner had do some minor cutting to the openings to get them in. From there, he cut holes in the seat, put those plastic screw plugs in (same as you would in a deck), and left the small space between the hole and the tanks open. I use a long funnel through the hole to fill the tanks. When gas runs low, I move the line from one tank to another, and know that it's getting time for a fill-up.

By the way, keep in mind that a nice long gas hose can be used to drain the tanks at the end of the season! I set it so the connection at the engine is held to the hose by means of a hose clamp. Then I run the hose out the back of the boat into another gas tank, take off the connection, then pump the bulb to get the hose acting as a siphon. Seems to work really well! This way I get rid of the old gas (use it in your car), and I can run the last of the gas out using an engine cooling system flusher. This keeps the carbs clean for the winter. This will really help avoid mechanic's costs, as bad gas causing gumming of the carbs is the primary cause of running problems. Keep in mind that gas stabilizer helps, but doesn't stop the problem. This is much better per a number of sites I have visted. Don't forget to fog the engine at the same time.

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Model Year: 1997


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