URM-2 Roller for Bullwaga

Published date: March 19, 2005
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I added a URM-2 roller to Catigale to make the anchor easy to deploy. We sail on the Hudson a lot and tides are shifty, so it is nice be able to get your anchor out quickly

The roller fits nicely between the forestay chain plate and the cleat.

The URM-2 mounts with three 1/4 inch SS bolts, I put 1 inch washers under them and locknuts

Its tough to get up under the peak to tighten the nuts but I used a socket on about 18 inches of extensions to reach the three nuts. Abigail helped me by tightening the bolts on top while I stayed below.

Published by: Steve Smith

Model Year: 2005


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