Water Ballast

Published date: January 3, 2004
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I redesigned the water ballast filling system to make it more worry/trouble free. This will only work with the earlier 26X models and really works best with another mod I made..(See my "Companionway Step" mod)....What I simply did was install some threaded PVC pipe in the excisting vent hole and ran it a little bit higher than the Mac's waterline....So now when I launch in the water I just open the Stern Ballast Filling Inlet and the water comes in and the air goes out the PVC pipe.....I don't need to be watching the ballast Vent hole waiting for the water to overflow in the cabin. As an added feature I can also insert a whistle in the PVC pipe and as long as air is being pushed out the whistle will continue to sing...When the singing stops I know the ballast tank is full..Since I've done this mod I've never had any water enter the boat...I also have a high capacity hand operated air pump that I have attached to the end of the PVC pipe and have effectively forced air in the ballast tank and removed the water ballast....Takes me about 20 minutes and a couple rest breaks...But I'm 60 years old!!!!!..Maybe I should consider an electric air pump.... :-)

Published by: L Scott

Model Year: 2004


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