Through-hull water loading system

Published date: July 10, 2005
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

This through-hull water loading system consists of two lines: a larger diameter line leading in and down through the bow seat bulkhead and into a water tank located under the v-birth. There is a smaller diameter vent line leading back from the tank. They are shown next to a through-hull AC shore power system.

In the exterior view, the water intake is the blue fixture and the vent line is white, and they are shown next to the shore power connector (see my shore power description under "electrical").

Look carefully and you will see that the vent line and the power line enter the bow seat bulkhead through the same hole.

When filling the tank, I just let the water run until it starts coming out of the vent line outside the boat, then I run the faucets a little to empty the vent line.

The vent line has a one-way valve inserted in it to prevent any insects and debris from getting into the tank.

The tank is a standard model, installed in hardened foam under the v-birth, next to my starter and house batteries.

It's not pretty on the inside, I admit, but not ugly (IMHO)- and using it is a lot easier than running a hose into the cabin, which risks overfilling and flooding the bilge.

If you do this, be sure to tighten the clamps very securely, or you will get water dripping onto the table and into the bilge, as I did the first time I tested it.

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Model Year: 2005


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