Dual Batteries Under V-Berth

Published date: September 16, 2005
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I installed a dual battery setup in the forward most aceess panel of the V-Berth. It's a very good spot from a weight distribution perspective, especially if you have a heavy motor on the stern to compensate for.

It would be worth the time and money to add a larger, hinged access panel to make the battery removal easier -- but I was short on both. Instead I just worked through the puzzle of getting both batteries positioned into the hole one after another.

Once inside, there really wasn't much room for unintended movement. The bay is too snug for any tilt, so they only needed to be secured side to side. For this, I used some car top carrier straps with eyelets that I screwed into the sides of the panel. Once snugged up, neither battery moves at all.

You also may notice I used a basic West Marine battery combiner, which only bridges the batteries while charging. This gives me peace of mind, and is about as idiot proof of setup as you can find.

Published by: Zavala

Model Year: 2005


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