ROCNA Anchor Mount

Published date: July 29, 2006
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Bellaroo's ROCNA anchor is probably one of the best additions to her inventory. Although rather pricey, the security when she's dug-in is worth every penny. Along with the 30' of SS chain, and sweet HD swivel unit, her gear looks as good as it functions.

The stock anchor mount was perfect for a small BRUCE anchor, but the design was tested with less than acceptable results in the soft Florida sand, which is Pensacola Bay.

I removed and replaced the stock roller with a Windline (I believe that was the name) unit, right off the WM shelf. Fortunately, I paid 20% less on sale so it was only modestly over priced, rather than being ridiculously overpriced.

The mounting was reinforced under the deck with a 1/8" aluminum plate after gaining access through the bow triangle in the V berth. Claustrophobia a constant concern, I jammed m 6'self into it and installed the backing plate as large as the area would allow and sealed it with a generous application of 5200. It's not coming off and it's not going to leak. Maybe the deck will separate from the hull, but the anchor roller won't come off.

For security, the red line is cleated to keep that hook there until deployed. Wouldn't want an accidental anchor drag, because the RONCA doesn't drag - it digs. That may be when the deck would come off.


Published by: mtc

Model Year: 2006


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