X: V-Berth Extension

Published date: August 2, 2006
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

i didn't like the way that the port front seat was lower than the V-Berth or the starboard dinette seat. also, the V-Berth was too short.

1) i raised the port front seat using WM 1/2" marine board. it's an open box that fits in the existing space. about 3" high. has a top for support and allows for additional storeage. fastened in place with a couple of small bolt so can be removed if desired. existing pad sits on top, backrest sits about 3" higher and is fastened with velcro.

2) i modified the existing bilge cover plate located on the port front seat to be used across the two seats which lengthened the V-Berth to a full size bed. incorporated a post, post support, and velcro on each side for support and strength.

3) purchased a small foam pad to occupy the new V-Berth space.

starboard front seatback is placed under dinette or in rear while V-Berth is in the full size bed position.

Published by: Bobby T.-26X #4767

Model Year: 2006


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