Trailer Hitch Backup Camera

Published date: November 14, 2006
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Problem: Mac folks frequently do solo trailered boating trips. That usually means multiple backups with the tow vehicle, aligning the towing ball with the trailer hitch to get on the road.
Solution: A wireless color video camera by VR3 (available at Costco currently) is now economically feasible, easy to use and very effective.
Details: The VR3 brand 'Wireless back-up camera system with color LCD monitor' costs $90US. Normal installation connects these to the tow vehicle backup lamp. The primary purpose is for driver vision behind the vehicle while backing up. The 2.5inch (65mm) LCD color monitor comes with a holder and adhesive adapters allowing placement on dash, or visor, or short-term, simply lay it on your lap. It is fitted with a conventional cigarette lighter wired power plug. The camera, having a lens of about 3/4 inch (18mm), and is integrated into a nylon strip about 8 inches long. The manufacturer design intent is for permanent mounting the camera over the top of the license plate using the same bolts. The camera power lead includes an integrated transmitter antenna and 12V leads.
In this license plate-top look-back vs. down position, the view of the hitch ball is marginal. I chose to add a cigarette lighter power plug (my SUV has a outlet in the rear storage area). I will use Velcro or magnets to position the camera on the bumper for the few minutes necessary to align with the hitch. Later, we may devise a way to make dual-use with a rotating mounting over the license plate. The picture is clear, and in color. From the temporary bumper position on our Toyota 4rnr, the hitch ball image fills more than one-third of the screen scene. While underway, the monitor could be at the helm with the camera positioned over the ballast tank plug or even the stove. Mac26X 'Octopus' Lake Tahoe NV, Tahoe Jack

Published by: Tahoe Jack

Model Year: 2006


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