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Published date: November 15, 2006
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My '97X came with a dual axle galvanized trailer. {Lucky me}
But my spare tire wasn't mounted. There didn't appear to be
enough room on the front of the trailer. As there is also an
improvised but highly useable aluminun ladder installed ala Mac

Anyway, after purchasing two spare tire holders and using an
old trailer tire I had laying around. I realized I could not only
carry my now 2 spares but use them to assist me in guiding my
X onto the trailer.

Placement is key. But find two corresponding spots on your
trailer frame where attaching the tire carriers will not only hold
your spares but nudge an errant and possibly bobbing boat in
the right [center] direction for boat retreival.

The shape of my trailer allows me to "bracket" my boat and can
even provide protection on the road.

Happy Trailers.
- Gaz

Published by: Gazmn

Model Year: 2006


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