VHF Antenna

Published date: December 1, 2019
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This shows where the antenna cable exits the deck. It comes out right next to the conterboard cable without rubbing against it. This end connects with the antenna cable exiting the mast on the same side.

To get the coaxial antenna cable to come out through the mast, pick a spot on the side that is near enough to the bottom that you can easily reach your hand or arm up the bottom of the mast to push the cable out through the hole. Then find a rubber grommet with the right interior diameter to match the cable. Drill a hole the same diameter as the groove in the grommet, and push it into place. Then you can push the coax. through it.

To find the location for drilling through the deck, first go below and locate the position relative to the various bolts in and around the mast base. Find the same location on the deck, recheck the position so that it won't hit the centerboard cable, hold your breath, and drill.

The best thing that I found for running wiring up the mast is a "sewer snake". This is a stiff wire that you can tape things to and push them through the length of the mast.

Published by: Heath

Model Year: 1997


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