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Published date: May 19, 2007
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Our boat is set up to enable fairly long term cruising and the Admiral decreed that salt water or cold water showering was a deal breaker. The contract design specifications had to include hot water; this is what I came up with.

A Coleman hot water on demand is mounted in the port cockpit storage locker. The depth of this locker was increased into the rear berth deck head space (or, in our case, foot space we sleep across as have long range petrol tanks in feet end).

There are many ways of constructing the enlarged locker; I suggest a manufactured fibreglass tray as this is the simplest way of attaching it to the original structure and getting a good weather seal. An overboard drain is fitted into the base of the compartment.

The unit has 4 bosses on its bottom that fit into rebates in the base of the compartment. The lid fits snuggly over the unit when it is closed to stop movement. Cold water inlet and hot water outlet are attached to the unit via S/S flexible lines through lugged elbows on the aft face of the locker. On the unit bsp fittings are required to be taped into the cold water inlet and the hot water outlet, then bushed up to accept the 1/2 s/s flex lines. Pressure regulating valve and shut off solenoid are mounted on the inside wall on the port side below deck, hidden behind the aft berth bulkhead. As the hot water unit has its own 6v supply battery, we recharge it via a outlet in the cockpit from the boats electrics system.

There is no water temperature selection done at the shower rose as this is set at the unit itself. The downside of this system is that there is no pause water capability - once the water is turned off, it must be re-started which is a simple matter of re-lighting by turning a knob. So it is a matter of starting the hot water, wetting down, turning off the water while soaping/shampooing up, restarting hot water to rinse off. The Admiral is ecstatic with hot water I am happy to do this as a happy Admiral means smooth sailing even if the water is rough!

Jack Sparrow

Published by: Jack Sparrow

Model Year: 2007


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