Pressure water system part 1

Published date: June 26, 2007
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A Plastimo 150 litre holding tank is located under the rear berth it is laying on hull lining fabric to stop chaffing, and is held in position with zip ties at the aft end. Hull lining is also used to cover the aft berth sub structure on the lower side to stop chaffing when the tank is filled to capacity. A 11/2 inch fill inlet line is in the middle at the top of the tank and points aft, a 3/8 inch outlet line is underneath fwd pointing both attachment clamps are lagging to stop chaffing. The tank is off set to the starboard side to compensate for the weight of the galley. When filling this tank it has to be monitored as the tank when filled to capacity is larger than the compartment that it is located in.

Pressure pump
The rubber mounted Johnson pump is located in the port lounge storage compartment (extreme aft) although it is bolted to the underneath side of the aft berth sub structure (mount bolts hidden under the berth mattress). A Y fitting on the outlet side ports water to the galley (via an easy hooker flexible line) and aft to the hot water unit and deck shower. The pump has its own dedicated control switch and fuse on the electrical panel

Jack Sparrow

Published by: Jack Sparrow

Model Year: 2007


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