bilge blower

Published date: July 1, 2007
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

I installed a bilge blower fan in the S/B section of the transom between the transom & liner at the rear aft birth I installed two nicro snap in 4" deck plates in both rear corners of the cockpit I then cut out the lid centers to incorperate the black vents which I glued fiber sceening to the insides to keep the bugs out I then cut out enough styrofoam to allow me to install the 3" flexable vent hose, I replaced the styrofoam with new 4"x5" blocks I was able to put back twice as much as I took out re cutting new styrofoam blocks 4"x 5" .The S/B vent is the outlet its hose goes down to the bilge blower in the S/B transom location then a short hose from there to the aft blige directly below, the port vent is the inlet it goes down the aft port corner of the transom then under & through the port side aft birth floor outer section underneath comes up through under the port side dinning seat towards the bow so venting from the bow back to the transom

Cheers John

Published by: Highlander

Model Year: 2007


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