assy spinnaker

Published date: July 16, 2007
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

This is my setup for flying an assymetric spinnaker.
first of all the tack line is attached to the pulpit rail by a swivel block. A bolt is installed on the bracket that holds the mast base when the mast is in transport mode and this secures the top block. the tack line then goes through another block that is attached by a shackle whose pin also secures the forestay to the forestay bracket. Tack line then goes through a fairlead on a stantion another fairlead on the front starboard stantion and then through a rope clutch.The solid green line is the spinnaker halyard and this is run to a block at the mast top,through turning blocks to a rope clutch on the port cabin top. the black lines are spinnaker sheets and are run to the back of the boat to two swivel blocks the to two anderson winches and camcleats.spinn sheets are outside of the forestay and since the spinnaker is flown 12 inches ahead of the stay and an outside gybe is used to change sides. I don't use roller furling so there is a green flecked line that is the jib halyard and a down haul. both are attached to a snap shackle with the down haul run through a swivel block, stantion fairleads, on port side, back to a cam lock on the cabin top. The jib halyard runs down the mast to turning blocks on the cabin top to a rope clutch along with the spinnaker halyard.

Published by: T Chapman

Model Year: 2007


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