Garhauer rigid boom vang

Published date: July 23, 2007
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

Installed my Garhauer rigid boom vang , cut two pieces of 1/4 alum flat bar 1" wide for mast & 5/8" wide for boom same length as track clamped together drilled out the seven mounting holes in the alum flat bar 3/6" tapped them out to 1/4' coarse thread one at a time then installed each mounting screw one at a time this made shure all holes would match up perfectly nothing to get out of align. installed track on mast with straps approx 2" up from the bottom drilled out mast mounting holes 1/4" removed track redrilled holes in mast out to 5/16" slid alum flat bar into mast installed one screw to hold bar in possition used blue loctite installed one screw into track and into other end of bar remove other holding screw install all seven screws with blue locktite you may have to use a small screw driver to line up holes , followed instructions for mounting boom track drilling out the middle 2 holes only in the boom, when satisfied with possition marked boom drilled out all holes 1/4" removed track redrilled all holes in boom out to 5/16" removed boom end brkt & bale slid alum bar down into boom poss. had to play with it to get it align. made shure it did not flip over on me otherwise holes may not line up ? again install one screw in end to hold in place then procced to intall track from other end

Cheers John

Published by: Highlander

Model Year: 2007


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