26X Jib Boom

Published date: September 24, 2007
  • Boat Type: Boat Type

My latest mod. to my jib boom includes:

Moved the furler connection point out to the end of the anchor roller.

Added a Bobstay with turnbuckle from beneath the anchor roller down to bow padeye for strength.

Instaled a stainless riser that the boom attaches to.

New preventer which controls the height the boom is allowed to rise, and therefore maintains sail shape.

Stainless traveller connects port and s'board stanchions.

The boom is self tacking,with the s'brd. jib sheet now controlling how far the boom can swing out from boat centerline. The port jib sheet controls how much jib sheet is pulled out from the furler.

Awesome control when wing on winging, as well as reaching, as well asimproving sail shape going upwind.

Published by: MS Classifieds

Model Year: 2007


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