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The Mac19 has a place set aside for taking the mast apart and storing it inside the cabin. I've never used this space and probably never will use it to store the mast. I placed a length of board along the edge of the backing of the setee. This gave me a storage rack for misc. items. I plan on getting new cushions soon so the board will be covered up by a cushion. I also installed a 3 gallon Rack Sack trash holder at the end of the seat. Plastic self adhesive hooks make up my dockline storage. A barometer sits up on the upper bulkhead. There is a butterfly vent (upper bulkhead) that took the place of a solar vent fan that the previous owner had installed. On the outside, opposite of the vent is a louvered vent to make ventilation practical and more pleasing to the eye than a solar vent.

Published by: MS Classifieds

Model Year: 2001


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