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User Manual


MacGregor 19 Manual

MacGregor 21-25 Manual

MacGregor 25 Manual

MacGregor 26S Manual

MacGregor 26X (1995) Manual

MacGregor 26X (1996) Manual

MacGregor 26X (2002) Manual

MacGregor 26M (2003) Manual

MacGregor 26M (2007) Manual

Honda Owners Manuals Download

Suzuki Marine Owners Manuals Download

Evinrude E-TEC Manuals Download

Mercury Manuals Download

Blue Water Yachts MacGregor Manual


How to rig 26X Video

How to rig 26M Video

How to rig 26D Video

How to rig Venture of Newport 23

Macgregor 26X Installing a New Rubrail



MacGregor 70

MacGregor 65 Brochure

MacGregor 26M Powersailer Brochure

MacGregor 26X Powersailer Brochure

MacGregor 26 Brochure

MacGregor 25 Brochure

MacGregor 23 Brochure

MacGregor 36 Cat Brochure

MacGregor 22 Brochure

MacGregor 19 Powersailer Brochure

Venture 24 Brochure

Venture 21 Brochure

Venture 17 Brochure

Venture Cat Mark 2 Brochure

Venture Cat Brochure


Macgregor How to Sail

CDI Furler Manual

CDI Spinnaker Furler Manual

Roger MacGregor tells how it started

Roger MacGregor - The Golden age of Sailboat Production

Safety Decal

Original Macgregor Promotional Video

Original 26X Factory Video

Original 26M Promotional Video

26X Line Drawings

Macgcgregor Factory Photos 26X

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